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How To Build A Dog Kennel

August 3, 2011

Building your own kennel unit is probably good than buying a ready-built one. By constructing one on your own, you can assuredly combine the necessary specifications that your pets need. This is not to say that commercially-available units are not equipped to deal with your dogs. But if you have the right skill and knack for construction things, then all you need to do before you begin constructing is know some prominent tips.

Building a Dog Kennel


A dog kennel must be designed in a way that it follows the law of convenience for you and relax for your pets. These considerations will guide you straight through selecting the right construction materials and the layout and compose of the kennels, and designing the ventilation and drainage systems.

How To Build A Dog Kennel

With convenience in cleaning and maintaining the kennel in mind, you will be able to compose the unit that will allow for ease in carrying out sanitation procedures. For example, you will select steel wires instead of wood or plastic material for flooring. Steel is easier to clean and disinfect. It also does not splinter, causing injury to your pet.

Concrete may also be used for multi-tiered kennels. It is good, strong material that is also easy to clean. The only disadvantage is that insects and other parasites may live in the cracks that will form in time.

You can also customize the kennel to slope in an angle that allows good drainage. This way, you can just comfortably hose down dirt from the kennel compartments and not have to wipe or mop them clean. You can eliminate odor or keep it at minimum with more frequent disinfection.

With a customized kennel, you can select any location that you want. Location is prominent in maintaining a kennel. Your dogs must not be in direct sight taste with population or attractive objects to preclude them from barking and production noise that will disturb your neighbors.

How To Build A Dog Kennel
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