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Dog Mating

August 3, 2011

Dog mating is a tricky subject! The decision to breed dogs is something that must be well-planned and completely idea of. There’s a lot that goes into it, and the accountability that goes with dog mating must be considered by a new breeder. There are expenses from such an endeavor, and the care and safety of the new pups and their mother must be of utmost priority.

Ethics of dog mating


There are various reasons why dog owners decide to become dog mating owners. Most dog breeders, however, are sincere dog lovers who are curious in having more pups from their well-loved dogs. However, there are those who decide to breed dogs because of financial reasons, generally profit. While it unmistakably isn’t bad to breed dogs with this in mind, the dog breeder must put the welfare of the dogs above any financial gain for the dog mating process. The dogs must not in any way be solely used for profit and enslaved to breeding duties without the corresponding allowable love and attention that they need.

Dog Mating

So, if you are not a dog lover and you are solely reasoning of breeding dogs solely for profit, then you might want to reconsider and investigate for other methods of earning money. Moreover, dog welfare is protected in the first world countries, and if you are residing in one (even if you are not) be sure that the dogs are not neglected.

While there are ethical issues that are related to breeding and dog mating, there are also procedures that must be discussed to the new breeder.

The art of dog mating

Before you start mating dogs, it is advisable to pay your vet a visit. Have him seek your female dog (bitch) and get certification that she is good to mate. While you are the veterinarian, you might as well ask him for sound advice on how to start breeding your dog. He/she is in the best position to give you sound advice concerning this matter.

Second, get hold of a dependable breeder and make arrangements for a compatible dog for your bitch. Ask for certificates that will authenticate the claim(s) of the male dog’s breed as well as proof of the dog’s good health. Moreover, the mating process is best done in the place where the male dog resides rather than the reverse.

Third, your dog should mate only when she is biologically primed for mating – dog mating should always be performed at the most opportune moment. In addition, you should hold mating sessions for your dog during the 9th, 11th, and 13th days for it to be most productive. It is also recommended that the mating process between the bitch and the stud last for a good ten minutes. If the bitch refuses, aid in the mating process by trying to calm her down.

Finally, to check if the mating was thriving you may visit the animal doctor a good three weeks after the mating of the dogs.

Breeding dogs is not as easy as it seems to be, especially if you are a beginner. If you are planning on doing cross-breeding then it is advised that you talk to the animal doctor and confirm if it is good to go into such given the breeds you want to mate.

Dog Mating
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